Things to know about buying at auction

When intending on bidding at auction there are a few things that you need to know. We have provided some detailed information below to help you out. Finance , Conditions and Legal Requirments Your finances must be arranged prior to bidding. Know the limit you can go to. The contract is unconditional and binding at the fall of the hammer. A 10% deposit is required at … read on

Is it a good time to build?

The building industry is significantly down on turnover and South Australia has a new housing shortage of over 15,000 homes! So is it a good time to build? That answer lies within your own personal and financial goals. Building that dream house with all the wants and needs is a dream of many- but one that only few will attempt. The fact is that right now is an excellent … read on

The Market Forecast

Forecasting housing markets is a complex exercise. How will values change over the year, will first home buyer numbers rise or fall, are rents heading up, down or sideways? To predict where the market is heading implies you are also predicting a range of economic, demographic and consumption factors such as interest rate movements, inflation rates, population growth rates, … read on

RBA cut’s interest rates by 50 basis points- how does this affect the Real Estate market?

On Tuesday the 1st of May the Reserve Bank of Australia decided (finally) to lower interest rates by half a percent. This will potentially save families thousands of dollars per year- if the rates cuts are passed on. The NAB was the first of the “big four” to pass on a rate cut, announcing a .32% reduction to their standard variable rate. ANZ, Westpac and Commonwealth banks … read on

Real Estate Jargon Explained

Buying a home often means that you come across unfamiliar terms. To assist, we have included explanations of some commonly used words. Agent: A registered person authorised to act for another in the selling, buying, renting or management of a property.  Land Agents usually act for the owner. Auction: A public sale of property where the highest bidder is normally the … read on
all agents the same

All Real Estate agents are the same right?…..

Such a common misconception is that all Real Estate agents are the same. We all drive black BMW's, wear expensive suits and clothes and want to take a percentage of your home for a commission at the point of sale. So why would you pay one agent more than another? Why would you call in multiple agents if we all do the same thing? The answer to that question is quite simple, … read on
newspaper vs online

Print Media vs Online Marketing

Now there is no doubt this is a hot topic when it comes to selling your home. Do we spend $1000's on large ad's in the paper or should we just do an internet based marketing schedule? The answer really is- it depends. It depends on the demographic, the buyer that you are aiming at and the prestige of your home. If you are selling a newly built home in Plympton for … read on

The Mad March Review

What a month it has been! As always Adelaide does not fail to impress with plenty to do in the crazy month of March. Clipsal 500, Adelaide Festival, Fringe various music festivals... Too much to do really, considering what the rest of the year has to offer. But how was it in real estate? How did Ray White Plympton go selling property with all of these events on? Well … read on
Sale Gavel

Ray White Plympton In Room Auction Night @ the HWY

Last Wednesday the 21st March, Ray White Plympton held the first '' Ray White Western/Beachside in room auction's'' at the HWY. For those of you who are reading this with the mentality that the market is poor, or that auctions don't work- be prepared to be proved wrong. With registrations from 6.00pm, and the first auction kicking off at 6.30pm, the crowd was quickly … read on