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As anyone with experience knows, buying and selling property is not for the faint-hearted. 

Buying a home is perhaps the most significant purchase we make in a lifetime and the consequences can reverberate down the years. Selling can be even more emotive, sometimes complicated by financial pressures, ill health or bereavement. 

The bottom line is, moving in either direction requires, not only objective knowledge of the market, but the ability to meet clients ‘where they’re at’ and to optimise their situation and returns according to their needs and preferences.

Adam Keane brings a rare combination of business acumen, sales and marketing expertise and exceptional communication skills to his property sales consultancy. This enables him to quickly identify client priorities and to implement the most expedient, profitable and cost-effective course of action.

Former high visibility roles in customer service and community program co-ordination, a qualification in business management and a natural gift with people, equip him ideally for helping clients to understand the property market and to assist them in making decisions that ensure the best outcome. 

With honesty and integrity his guiding principles, Adam genuinely cares about his clients and is a passionate advocate of their interests. He also understands the importance of ‘telling it like it is’ rather than saying what people want to hear, avoiding the potential for confusion, error and mismatched expectations. 

Highly professional in all his affairs, you can count on Adam to do what he says he’ll do – for impeccable time-keeping, regular follow-up and co-ordination of the sales process to ensure everything comes together just as it’s supposed to.

Adam works in partnership with his father, Wayne, who has over 17 years’ experience in the highly competitive South Australian real estate market. Wayne’s knowledge and wisdom combined with Adam’s many talents make for a dynamic team that is perfectly placed to help navigate and simplify the process buying and selling property.

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